One Day National Level Conference on  Global Strategies for Sustainable Growth in Developing Economies

The global economy is pursuing seriously towards sustainable development. It is the greatest challenge that is put forth to every nation. It is posing tremendous challenges. The economic structure of the world today is extremely competitive, truly global and unbelievably dynamic in nature. It was like never before in the history of the universe.

Over the last two decades, the Internet Economy has become very close where almost the concept of ‘think local and act global’ has become a buzz word. There are vital structural changes that are done and yet to changes warranted in many ways towards economic, social and environmental affairs. Each country may decide different solutions according to their demographic and competitive factors that will have to make intelligent choices. For that, a clear-cut long term and strategic approach is needed for sustainable development.

It is extremely important to formulate and implement such specific strategies in a realistic, effective and lasting ways. Both, the firms and government should envisage the strategies that are fitting to the challenges and give a feasible solution for an inclusive and sustainable growth. The Newly Industrialized Economies will have to take a lead role in this arena as they are progressing to become the developed economies in the next three decades. Developing a strategy and coordinating those components of sustainable development into their mainstream planning is the key to the success. It is great to emphasize the quote of Thomas Piketty “If democracy and growth has to be regaining control of capitalism, it must start by recognizing that the concrete institutions in which democracy and capitalism need to be reinvented again and again”.

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